Destination Turkey - Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream for Face

Brand: Passport To Beauty

$ 42.00


A Hair Reducing Creme For The Face

Why this is Essential For Your Beauty Routine:

Gutto Brands out of Turkey has innovatively formulated the widespread traditional use of Ant Egg Oil, the beauty secret of the Ottoman women. This product was created for women around the world in order to significantly help them get rid of unwanted facial hair problems.

How Does It Work?

Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream causes the hair follicles‘ growth phase to shorten and move rapidly into resting phase. As a result; the breakthrough Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream reduces the amount of hair in the applied area by 65%, delays the re-growth by 75% and weakens by 46%. It is a completely natural product found as a result of scientific and dermatological tests.

What Are The Advantages?

Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream is applied on clean skin after hair removal. After 4-6 sessions it reduces unwanted facial hair while increasing the health of the skin.  Applying the product for five consecutive days will be enough to start seeing results. 

Some methods like laser hair removal may not provide solutions for very fine blond hair on the face and body. The Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream has produced effective results for all hair colors and was concluded
in dermatological tests.

Proven Results:

Clinical Tests (dermatological and microbiological) have proven and approved that Gutto Ant Egg Oil Cream does significantly reduce, weaken and delay the re-growth of bodily and facial unwanted hair with no side effects and harm to skin and body. Dermatologists and allergy experts have not found any signs of side effects, skin irritation and allergy in the tests applied to women of different races ageing between 20 to 45 years old.

How To Use:

After removing the hair by waxing or other methods, apply the cream thoroughly by massaging for 5 to 10 minutes. For the most effective results use daily before going to sleep.




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