Destination Turkey - Gutto Blue Anemone Regenerating Night Cream

Brand: Gutto Cosmetics

$ 43.00


A powerful anti-aging creme that regenerates and repairs aging skin. 

Blue Anemone Creme is produced from Anemone flower. The Anemone flower grows in the Northern hemisphere and has over 100 different types of flowers. In Turkey it is knows as the “Manisa Tulip” growing only in Spring time.

Why This Essential For Your Skin Care Routine:

The Gutto Blue Anemone cream is a very strong and intense antioxidant with a "Botox" type effect.

It helps to regenerate the skin while helping to slow down the signs of aging. The Blue Anemone Creme provides the moisture needed by healthy skin by locking moisture between the epidermis layers of skin while increasing and extending the over all feeling of hydration.

  • Helps to reverse sun damage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Tightens and Firms the skin
  • Made with Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils
  • Noticeable results in 12 weeks with daily use

How To Use:

Cleanse and tone the skin. Apply a small amount and massage into skin with upward strokes. It is not advised to expose your skin to the sun after applying the Blue Anemone Cream. It’s recommended as night cream for better results. 

What You Should Know:

Gutto Blue Anemone Creams is not formulated to use around the eye area.  May cause itchiness and blurry vision if used to close to the eye area.

This is Formulated Without:

  • Fragrance
  • Artificial Colors

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