Destination Greece - Peppermint Blackhead Cleansing Bar Soap

Brand: B2 Organic

$ 12.00

Peppermint oil has been used in civillizations dating back to ancient Greece. This refreshing peppermint is derived from the Mediterranean peppermint plant. Peppermint herb is valued for its cooling, pain releaving and antiseptic effect in soaps. Peppernint is used to cleanse, tone, purify sluggish skin, pores, sebum, blackhead and acne. It is suitable for use on oily skin. Its property of cooling and warming balances both mind and body.

Certified organic ingredients, B2 Organic bar soaps are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. They do not contain chemical additives like animal fats, alcohols, esthers ( known carcinogenics), low grade oils, wax and fillers. One of the many benefits of using these bar soaps are that since they do not contain animal fats they cut down on the soap scum you will find in your shower and bath if you are using commercial soaps.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Designed for gently cleaning your skin, this organic soap is suitable for everyone with sensitive to normal skin. 

The "Cold process" method of making soap uses low temperatures for only a short period of time during the process in order to bring various oils to their natural melting points. Once this is achieved no further external heat is applied thereby allowing these natural nutrients retain their skin nourishing and health benefits.

42 oz / 120 g

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