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The Flight Attendant Beauty Secret As Seen On The Doctors TV Show


Hi Beauties! 

Shalini here :) Did you have a chance to see me on The Doctors TV show this week?

If you didn't watch my MUST SEE DIY Facial segment, click here to view!


I had the amazing opportunity to introduce our Passport To Beauty Luxury Destination Subscription Box and all the great products we create and curate while get slather Dr. Andrew Ordon with one of my favorite masks to demonstrate the beauty secret of the Singapore Airlines flight attendants.

Want to give yourself a quick face lift aka the 'Flight Attendant Special' this weekend?

Here's the recipe:

This is an egg white cotton wool mask that pulls every piece of dirt and grime from the pores and tightens the skin. Used by the flight attendants on Singapore airlines. This is their secret to keep their skin tight and flawless.


1 egg white

½ lime (juiced)

Cotton wool fibers (available at natural health stores)

Or you can use the plain K beauty (also known as Korean Beauty) cotton face masks available in Ktown or Japantown (Daiso stores have them)


Mix together to form a papier-mâché-like consistency.

Apply all over face and allow to harden

Peel off the mask

To watch the video of the Flight Attendance Special, click here.

Then it was Dr. Nita Landry's turn to get a little gooey but blissfully nourished and hydrated.

Skin lacking moisture due to winter dryness? Try the Okra Facial and feel your skin come back to life! The slimy vegetable can give you an ooey-gooey mask that will hydrates/revitalize your face the face tremendously! Used by women in Zimbabwe to keep their skin moist in the hot climates of Africa, your skin will be loving you in no time!


Take a handful of fresh okra and boil until soft.

Let cool

Mash completely into a slimy consistency and then apply (Be careful not to burn yourself)  

Let it sit on your skin for 5 mins and rinse

To watch the video of the okra facial, click here.  

For more beauty secrets like these, stay tuned for future segments of me on CBS's The Doctors!

xo Shalini


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