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Gemstone Power Face And Body Oils - Jade Amethyst Tiger Eye And Rose Quartz

Gemstone Power Face And Body Oils - Jade Amethyst Tiger Eye And Rose Quartz


Renew and restore with Quantum Beauty and our Passport To Beauty Gemstone Power Oils. Each oil has its own unique and precious  gemstone roller ball, which allows the extraordinary vibrations of the gemstone to be harnessed more deeply when contact is made with your skin. Ancient medicine practices in Egypt, China, Greece and India believed the remarkable powers of gemstones offered valuable health and beauty benefits.

Gemstones are known to restore energy fields,  gain peace, promote love, safety, power and healing. The exotic oil blend used simultaneously with the gemstone roller ball delivery system offers the perfect way to heighten the benefits from both the oil and the gemstone. The  Passport To Beauty Gemstone Power Oils are specially formulated with a therapeutic blend of luxurious oils  sourced from around  the globe for mind body and soul beauty.


Choose Your Oil And Gemstone Based On Your Mood:

Feeling Stressed - Use Jade Positive Vibes with uplifting peppermint to give your mood a boost, while giving you a little extra pep in your step

Healing And Calm- Use our Amethyst Healing Vibes with calming lavender, rosemary and grounding amethyst. Perfect pre-bedtime ritual

Emotional Strength And Stability – Use our Tiger Eye Bliss and Balance with orange oils and the power of the tiger eye stone. 

Self Love – Use our Rose Quartz infused with Divine Rose Oil and the powers of love inducing rose quartz

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