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Buenos Aires Box Story



Hola Beautiful!

Welcome to Buenos Aires, also known as the Paris of South America. As you stroll through the many neighborhoods of this amazing city, you’ll instantly fall in love with the gorgeous European architecture mixed with a sizzling Latin heat. The passion of this city will pulse right through you making you feel sexy and alive!

What I love most about Buenos Aires are the distinct neighborhoods, each with their own charm and flavor. From the posh streets of Recoleta, (where a visit to Eva Peron’s tomb at the Recoleta Cemetary is a must), to the incredible shopping and edible delights in Palermo Soho, you’ll have plenty to see and do on a trip down south.

Sundays are all about taking a trip to San Telmo for their open air market that stretches for miles. Not only is this one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, but a colorful one at that. Beautiful street art lines the streets, new designers have pop ups showcasing their latest fashions, and it’s not uncommon to catch corner tango shows and amazing street music in the squares and parks through your walk in the market. You’ll find all sorts of delicious cookies, hand crafted leather goods, hand bags, and indigenous crafted items, like the palo santo wood sticks, said to ward off bad energy and bring in the new.

When it comes to the dining in this beautiful city, dinner around 11pm is the norm and a good steak with chimichurri sauce paired with a smooth Malbec is what’s on the menu. From there, one of the more fun things to do is to explore all the hidden underground speakeasies through Palermo Hollywood. You never know where a phone booth and a bicycle ride will lead you. Let’s just say behind a secret code and a wooden door awaits gorgeous chandeliers, beautiful cocktails and some of the best DJ’s I have heard anywhere in the world!

The women in Buenos Aires are known to be some of the most stunning in the world. With a sexy flair, these women know a thing or two on how to sport a sexy eye, swing into a little street side tango at a moment’s notice, and they look to the abundance of natural elements for gorgeous flowing hair while on their daily bike rides. Aloe is their biggest beauty secret when it comes to lush beautiful hair. Adding a few drops to their shampoo is a secret that has been passed down through generations. Which is why I sourced you my favorite aloe product direct from the supplier. I hope you enjoy this escape to Buenos Aires and enjoy bringing a little latin sizzle into your daily life!

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xoxo, Shalini    


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