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"I found a new box to spend money on!! This is the Passport To Beauty box. It's a quarterly box that focuses on items from different cities around the globe. There's a nice mixture of items which I love! In this month's box are lemon stuffed olives from Barcelona (my mom took them so idk how they taste), blood orange infused olive oil, a handmade/hand-painted Spanish terracotta petit bowl, Walter & Ray leather luggage tag (I got the green one), Saffron Secret hair oil, 3 products from Passport to Beauty's Spanish Riviera line (bronzing elixir, face oil, and body scrub), and lastly a summer scarf in pink. I've never heard of a summer scarf...I'm guessing it's a Spain thing. 
The pamphlet is colorful and comes with helpful tips and recipes. Overall this is a pretty good debut box and I can't wait to see what comes in the next box!"

Shavon @midori_diva


"Long overdue shoutout to Shalini Vadhera for her wonderful passport to Beauty Box curated from Spain!!! Next box is coming from Tibet!!! Get on board people its truly ahhhmazing!!! The products are Spanish Riviera sea salt body scrub, whipped face/body bronzing elixir, saffron hair oil, Face Flash vit a,c,e. Oil, Lemon stuffed olives, blood orange olive oil, a handmade terracotta bowl and a super soft scarf!!"

Tracey Miller @traceymillersmith


"Let me start off by saying that I stumbled across Shalini while looking for international beauty secrets almost 10 years ago and have been a fan ever since. She is the reason I know about conditioning brows & lashes, amla oil and rice powder. She is the very first and one of the handful of beauty gurus I looked up to.
Therefore, after opening that very first email about her launching the Passport to Beauty Box, I signed up without a second thought (a rarity) and have been very much looking forward to it. 
This box (black & gold- SO Shalini) came with plenty more than I originally anticipated. The amount of things in the box are a pleasant surprise!
The contents?
• A super soft scarf
• Luggage tag • Lemon stuffed olives
• Blood orange infused olive oil
• Saffron hair oil
• Spanish Riviera sea salt scrub, bronzing elixir & nourishing face oil • A beautiful hand made & hand painted bowl 
Loved it!! See you at the next destination!"

Diana @spontaneouslotus


"That is PHENOMENAL, y’all!! Although not every item was from Barcelona proper, they were all consistent with the theme, and I was happy with, and will use them all! Bravo to Shalini on her debut box." Read Full Review




I just received my Tibet box. I absolutely love everything. The skin care alone is well worth over the box price. The earrings look gorgeous on. Many thanks ❤️

 Leanne Michelle



Passport To Beauty Box Shalini Vadhera

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