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Tibet Box Story


Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to Tibet, the Roof Of The World!

And it’s no wonder, Tibet is the highest region on earth at 16,000 feet with its stunning towering peaks (say Hello to Mt. Everest) and a rich culture influenced by its neighbors China, India, and Nepal.  This magical destination, where Buddhismreigns as the spiritual heart, teaches us mindfulness and the celebration of our inner beauty as much as our outer beauty.

Tibet is a sacred land of beautiful monasteries and vibrant prayer flag.  The women here live life at their own pace and as you journey through this beautiful destination you will find ample serenity and naturalbeauty everywhere you look.

I was lucky enough to meet some beautiful Tibetan women that shared so many of their secrets. From setting 108 intentions with their mala beads to manifest their desires, to the incredible health benefits of their “yak butter coffee” to stay warm and satiated.  High mountain altitudes, fresh air, fresh mountain water, super fruits, and home-grown veggies made for an incredibly healthy lifestyle. . I wanted to bring you some of this serenity and healthy living with a few of our hand curated items and Tibetan Rites for you to try at home.

The women in Tibet are known to take a decorative approach to beauty.. So stunning! Starting with beautifully braided hair in different sizes and styles to create a “royal crown” and the ancient secret of the superfood goji berry as fountain of youth.  For centuries women in Tibet have looked to the Goji Berry as a powerful health tonic and ‘beauty food,’ thought to promote a smooth, clear and youthful complexion. Goji Berries are rich in essential vitamins and minerals which help fight off free radicals and increase production of elastin and collagen, minimizing fine lines and keeping the skin firm and supple. While on my travels, I was able to pick up some beautiful sun and moon earrings and sandalwood mala beads just for you, blessed by them.

Immerse your inner goddess in the rich cultures of Tibet and be swept away with all the amazing beauty secrets and rituals of the women of the Lhasa region, known to be some of the strongest and most naturally beautiful women in the world. As a thank you for being a part of my VIP Tribe of Travelers, you get to experience the products that I custom formulated in our labs first. Our Tibetan products are Infused heavily with skin loving super fruits.  These products will act as double duty, regenerating the skin while taking you on a journey of beauty from the inside out!

Ready? Set...Jet! xo, Shalini


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