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Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum


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"This serum works wonders on me because as a mother of two young children you can imagine I get very little sleep. I've showed up to work where people have thought I looked very well rested and I have the serum to thank. It not only hid away my dark circles but it has softened the appearance of my fine lines."

 Falguni Sleepy Mom


"I love this serum, it really works! FYI, it doesn't take much, just a pin drop for each eye, and what was left on my finger I dabb on the corners of my mouth where I have tiny creases."

Brenda Agee Sease


"Guess whaaaat?! I heard awhile ago from my mother that how I treat my skin in my 20s will show in my 30s and I don't know about you, but I want to stay in my twenties forever! Thanks to beauty magician Shalini Vadhera for creating her Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum! After long study sessions, late nights with friends, no matter what time I wake up it always gives me that extra lift and instant glow!" 

Alexandra Potts


"Once I started using the Passport To Beauty Eye Serum I have noticed an immediate softness to my lines around my eye. I also really like the cooling feeling it gives to help reduce puffiness."

Sara Winston

Gypsetter Luminous Lips  

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"Another winning product by Passport To Beauty! I love how moisturized my lips feel (I think lips can feel moisturized, right?!)"

Ali @pkkma33


"Very much in love with the shade I received! Free Spirit - which is me in a nutshell! Thanks Passport To Beauty"

Kween @subscription_kween 


"Love my Passport to Beauty Gypsetter Luminous Lips! Currently one of my favorite items from Passport To Beauty Box. I'm serious guys if you haven't gotten it yet you're crazy." 

Amanda Jordan @amandasway_


Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask 

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"Thank you Passport To Beauty for this fabulous luxury facial mask! I placed the mask in the refrigerator overnight for a wonderful morning pick me up. It left my skin feeling amazingly refreshed and super soft. I will definitely need to have a few on hand for future treatments. As a traveler I think this product is perfect relief after a long flight." 

V Lynne @vlynneslenz


"I don't have many gold products in my collection but I do have these Passport to Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Masks! They definitely feel luxurious on the skin! Love them"

Tigritsa @xoxo.tigritsa


"This facemask is actually made of Gold and smells glorious. It makes being old enough to need collagen not so bad. I loved it! Should have taken before/after pics because wow!"

Adriana Gonzalez @nina_chan01


"This is the sheet mask to end all sheet masks you guys!! I'm seriously #obsessed and that doesn't happen often. This mask is the Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rosa Damascena Flower oil from Passport To Beauty. First off... even before you open it you can tell the quality is amazing. Then you open it and the smell hits you... it smells like heaven. The mask is super thick and sooooo soft (can you tell I'm a fan yet?). I honestly didn't want to take it off and when I did the results were instant. No more annoying fine lines on my forehead or corner of my eyes that I slather make up over every morning... None. Not one...if I ever got botox I feel like this would be the result I expect. Thanks Passport To Beauty, awesome product!!"

Kathleen Antoinette @makeup_by_katoinette


Spanish Riviera Collection

Passport To Beauty Spanish Riviera

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"I have been using this Spanish Riviera Sea Salt Body Scrub to combat the mountain dryness! Love the gentle scrub and orange blossom scent, and the total lack of a slick mess on the shower floor."

Jill James @jdruschke


"Try this Whipped Bronzing Elixir from Shalini Vadhera, founder of  Passport To Beauty. Your skin will be hydrated, smooth, and bronzed to perfection! I absolutely love this! Thank you!!!"

Society's Choice @societyschoice 


"The goddess nectar trifecta for gorgeous bronzed & glowing skin: 
1. Spanish Riviera F.A.C.E Flash nourishing Vitamin Oil (concentrated vitamin boost for the face, neck and décolletage)
2. SPANISH RIVIERA Sea Salt Body Scrub (Vitamin enriched sea salt scrub for the bod...and PS- it smells delish) 
3. SPANISH RIVIERA Whipped Face & Body Bronzing Elixir (vitamins, oils and saffron for a bronzed face and body! Also smells and feels amazing!) Can't stop raving about these nutrient dense products that heal and nourish while actively giving glow!!! 

Michelle Day Gillette @aging.gracefully

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