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Your Perfect Sunday Morning Inner Beauty Ritual


It's your Sunday morning inner beauty ritual alert 🚨

I don't know about you, but as I have gotten older and busier, taking time for myself (to celebrate myself) has become the ultimate luxury. I find that as I travel the world and meet women across the globe, self care and ritual is part of their daily practice.  

Do you make time for a self care ritual for yourself? What's holding you back? Most of my girlfriends and clients are always complaining of not feeling like they have enough time in the day to just...get through the day! So what if we took some inspo from some of these women and started with one day a week? With hopes of course of doing something daily.   

I find that Sunday’s are the perfect day for some self care.  It's the perfect way to end and start the week on a positive note, telling my mind, body and soul that I love myself.

Here's a beautiful ritual I learned from the women in Tibet and modified it for a quick and yummy Sunday morning luxury

Sunday Tibetan Self Love Ritual:

1) Mix up a glass of a packet of Just Add Water to start your day on a healthy note.  If you ordered our Tibet Box, you had a chance to try a few in Chef Serena's daily mug.


2) Run a warm bath and add one of our Tibetan Healing Bliss Bath Bags made with mao feng green tea and healing rose petals to your bath water. Chillax and go over five things what made your week great. Now set your intentions for the following week with only positives declarations.  None of this - I don't want.  Try using I am grateful for etc...


3) After your bath, light some incense, do your Five Rites Ritual (in the Tibet Box and coming to the blog soon) and use your Mala Beads to deepen your Sunday ritual.


4) Apply your Tibetan Goji Berry Eye Serum around your eyes with a tapping motion to stimulate circulation and tap out the puffiness. Follow with the Goji Berry Primer, throw on some mascara and a light gloss and go on with your perfect Sunday 🙏🏻🌿🍓♥️ #happyselflovesunday 


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