Are You Addicted to the Hustle?

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Posted on June 13 2018

Are You Addicted to the Hustle?

Contributor Post: Lara Riggio

Do you look at your phone first thing when you wake up?

Find it difficult to turn your multitasking brain off?

Do you feel like you are always just catching up?

Got jaw, back or neck tension/tightness? TMJ?

Do you give yourself even 10 minutes a day to just sit and to eat or to have a cup of coffee or tea?

Who’s driving your life right now? You or your phone?

You or your hustle?

I only ask because over the last year, I have seen a change in how my clients’ bodies exhibit stress. ALMOST EVERYONE comes into my office with their Central Nervous System in a state of overwhelm. Even people who don’t particularly feel stressed are exhibiting physical stress responses. It’s not until I do a stress relief exercise with them and help them relax that they even realize just how wound up and tension-filled their bodies have been!

As they start to relax, they notice themselves taking deeper breaths, realizing just how shallowly they were breathing before. They comment on how they can feel their bodies letting go, their bodies relaxing into the into the table. They are surprised how tight their muscles and jaws were, as they relax.

Often, you don’t know how tense or tight you are, until you let it go.

Listen to the sound of your voice? Is it grounded in your body or more high pitched?

Is your breath shallow and fast right now?

It’s amazing the tension and discomfort with which you can unknowingly live. Don’t worry; you too can have this kind of relief and relaxation.

I have created a quick and easy way for you to break the cycle and relax, just click to my blog for more about this and access to a powerful Stress Detox! I tested out the morning and evening routines with a couple clients, and they LOVED these!

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